2020. 06. 11.
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🎬'Turn Back Time' MV ➫ koworld.info/club/nbd5h7asl53Ph4g/bidio.html
WayV THE STAGE (Escape & Rebirth Ver.) ➫ koworld.info/club/qLB8m7yy1qS_oqY/bidio.html
▶ WayV THE STAGE (Escape Ver.) ➫ koworld.info/club/qduniNnHkoLXjIA/bidio.html
▶ WayV THE STAGE (Rebirth Ver.) ➫ koworld.info/club/qq1-XrLOzYK8how/bidio.html
WayV's 1st album "Awaken The World" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/WayV_AwakenTheWorld
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  • 10:40 the way Lucas look at Winwin T__________T

    Reni PratiwiReni Pratiwi4 일 전
  • WayV is true Ge. I do hope SM and LabelV relize it

    Reni PratiwiReni Pratiwi4 일 전
  • Prince Hendery finaly find his castle

    Reni PratiwiReni Pratiwi4 일 전
  • dont be mad if I only stan WayV only, no NCT unit others

    Reni PratiwiReni Pratiwi4 일 전
  • WayVamily

    Reni PratiwiReni Pratiwi4 일 전
  • 😍

    Ann ChenAnn Chen4 일 전
    • 02:40

      Ann ChenAnn Chen4 일 전
  • You can say that they're like family cause ,evn if your the one who have question to answer, your members will answer it for you , they surely know they're members so much. I'loveyou wayV, confident and independent. :D

    Shynn SeseShynn Sese6 일 전
  • Gosh these guys deserve the universe and then some 😭😭😭

    Tiffany KimTiffany Kim7 일 전
  • WayV is d o p e 😎🤘🏻❤❤

    KariKari7 일 전
  • For the first time as an Asian fan I fully understand what they're saying without translations.

    C ChewC Chew8 일 전
  • Since you guys debuted as a kpop group, I do believe that you will grow as an international artists, not just representatives of certain culture or nation. Kpop is unique because it deviates different cultures, different genres, different gender spectrums. WayV can speak Korean, Chinese, and English. This is such a precious and brilliant talent. One more thing. The way Kun elaborates his thought on WayV's arts, I am super impressed with his expressions and brilliance. Just amazed. He is a genuine artist and I feel that. (of course other members as well! :))

    Moana SooMoana Soo8 일 전
  • This is why I love WayV more and more. Their bond is really something else.

    Bunga CendaniBunga Cendani11 일 전
  • 1:17 "Xiaojun is a human alarm. Even if all the alarm are broken, Xiaojun won't be broken" make me laugh so hard😂😂😂

    黄慧云黄慧云11 일 전
  • Go wayv!!!

    Grace ShangGrace Shang12 일 전
  • All are hardworking . ❤️ Not one everyone looking great and perfect .

    Chahat ChauhanChahat Chauhan12 일 전
  • PLZ STR34M WAYV GUYS koworld.info/club/nKh5crOn2aiSq4w/bidio.html FIGHTING SIJEUNI WAYZENNI

    Linda Nor SyifaLinda Nor Syifa13 일 전
  • Guys i love u no matter what

    Elsa ZaraElsa Zara14 일 전
  • Que hermoso, que hermosos ILY

    Sadie MlSadie Ml14 일 전
  • i cant take my eyes off xiaojun... he is soo handsome T.T

    My name is hopeMy name is hope16 일 전
  • 2:43 Xuxi has Milo from treasure planet vibes but blond

    inesines19 일 전
  • I Am NoT CrYinG...🥺❤️❤️❤️

    hiemi's worldhiemi's world20 일 전
  • wow I've never watched something so sentimental and inspiring from SM you can feel the love through the screen

    Amy ZingAmy Zing22 일 전
    • only wayv can do that

      Reni PratiwiReni Pratiwi4 일 전
  • I love you Kun

    Illumi ZoldyckIllumi Zoldyck24 일 전
  • 사복 이쁘다

    SuHyeon YooSuHyeon Yoo27 일 전
  • 15:39 루카스넘따뜻해

    댄싱인셉템버댄싱인셉템버개월 전
  • Terharu:(

    Dewi FatmawatiDewi Fatmawati개월 전
  • lLOVEEEEE yangyang kon hendre

    keem esy keem esykeem esy keem esy개월 전

    lovely_yoonlovely_yoon개월 전
  • 23:52 The way they counted to check if everyone is present. OT23 should adopt this method. hahahahaha!

  • I'm ugly sobbing

    anei拉anei拉개월 전
  • 야 !!!!!!!동스청 !!!!! 사랑해 !!!!!!!!!!

    스젤청동스청스젤청동스청개월 전
  • when kun and hendery were talking about how they never call their dorm 'dorm' but their home... i wanna cry 🥺😭 wayv is a real family and i love to see how they're all so comfortable with each other ❤

    jen ღjen ღ개월 전
  • When Lucas said that There are times where we can be in a bad place but with WayV, all his worries wash away, I started to tear up because they have no idea how much They have helped me through this pandemic and my last year of high school. I still feel so off and when I feel like just giving up they remind me that I have to hold on and if they achieved their dreams as are doing what they love then I can too. It just makes me feel better knowing that WayV is there and that they’re okay. WayV has dug their way so deeply into my heart, they’re so special and you can really tell that they are family and they seem more transparent and real to me than any other group.

    Rayne DavilaRayne Davila개월 전
  • WayV family🥺

    Rayne DavilaRayne Davila개월 전

    Ashley TrinidadAshley Trinidad개월 전
  • 뭐야 양양 왜이렇게 귀여워

    뒤집어!뒤집어!개월 전
  • Love u

    Nussara HayeeyahyaNussara Hayeeyahya개월 전
  • Ten ❤️

    aunna aunnaaunna aunna개월 전
  • Winwin:Wayv is a family WayzenNi:we love you so much

    Mark LeeMark Lee2 개월 전
  • I need one more MV from this album

    Cheng QifanCheng Qifan2 개월 전
  • I really like the NCT group idea. SM get to create as many subunits as they want withou a hitch.

    Twincle MaeTwincle Mae2 개월 전
  • Lucas being pretty

    Twincle MaeTwincle Mae2 개월 전
  • I am curious, I like Khiphop songs (by idols) so NCT's songs are on my playlist. But I am just curious, how is the promo for every subunit of NCT? Are they all supported well by SM?

    Twincle MaeTwincle Mae2 개월 전
  • Nunca subtítulos en español,no?eso que somos muchos fans latinoamericanos TnT lloremos...de sí que entiendo inglés pero me cansa más leer así ya que no estoy tan acostumbrada TnT nisiquiera subtítulos en portugués(?)

    Maca renaMaca rena2 개월 전
  • Wayv 화이팅!!!

    비비한비비한2 개월 전
  • I love Ten's hair style, look so cool and more mature .. and I love Yangyang's smile ... so cute ...

    nur ani astutinur ani astuti2 개월 전
  • Italian weishennies love u guys 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹💚💚💚💚

    Jade CznnieJade Cznnie2 개월 전
  • 22:22 -22:24 haha TEN 🤝 come on KUN ... Yes yes

    Lucy or LucciLucy or Lucci2 개월 전
  • 最近想威神V 了,回来看他们的视频。 真的很喜欢他们之间如同家人的关系,希望他们以后越飞越高,同时也幸福健康!加油 威神V ! Fighting Way V! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    JoyTaYJoyTaY2 개월 전
  • Yangyang : WayV is my begining Ten : where's the ending? Yangyang : meiyou ending,don't have a ending,limitless bro. -Yangyang just give a quick hint for NCT concept,WayV is the begining for him,that's mean he will join another unit.

    Ace GloryAce Glory2 개월 전
  • “我觉得威神V给我的感觉就像家人吧” - “很简单 两个字 家人” “我们从来不会说宿舍是宿舍 我们会说宿舍是 家” - “我可以给他们看我真正的样子” “做自己” “我跟他们很舒服 什么都说 家人一样” “威神V对我来说就是一个开始 像一个起飞的地方 希望我们可以把他带得更高 飞得更远” “Ending date?” “没有ending啊 limitless bro” 💚

    Serene TohSerene Toh2 개월 전
  • so glad they don't have to go the army.

    Avril PrettyPrinceAvril PrettyPrince2 개월 전
  • i love them so much

    Pursiti TejawatiPursiti Tejawati2 개월 전
  • just seeing winwin smiling w lucas here makes my heart feel warm uWu

    Pursiti TejawatiPursiti Tejawati2 개월 전
  • They're a real family 😭 WAYV I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

    Pursiti TejawatiPursiti Tejawati2 개월 전
  • So proud of you !

    LinaLina2 개월 전

    Michelle S.Michelle S.2 개월 전
  • KHHKHHGGFFF I love them

    Miraculous RammyMiraculous Rammy3 개월 전
  • To be honest , I see wayv songs , mv , dances , stories ... more affecting more precious than all other new groups maybe nct itself !

    maryam masoudmaryam masoud3 개월 전
  • try not to laugh clean

    Thomas RhenThomas Rhen3 개월 전
  • The way that they all say and agree that WayV just feels like family

    Tiara FaradishaTiara Faradisha3 개월 전
  • 14:50-14:51 Yangyang said 'Limitless' bro. Just wait, OT21 :)))

    Elaissa SamsonElaissa Samson3 개월 전
  • i’m not a wayshennie so i didn’t know this bUT KUN HELPED CREATE AWAKEN THE WORLD ??????

    JustineJustine3 개월 전
  • 威神V 加油加油!几时来中国开演唱会!太期待了!

    SE ChanSE Chan3 개월 전
  • I love ten's hair

    I'm BenI'm Ben3 개월 전
  • They're so pure and ambitious can't wait to see them as the shiniest star in the wide sky

    NooniNooni3 개월 전
  • 我也爱你!!

    心心心心3 개월 전
  • Wth the background just going well, genius tho

    n ben be3 개월 전
  • Ten perutmu sayang kemana mana

    n ben be3 개월 전
  • I love you ten

    ane kurniaane kurnia3 개월 전
  • honestly i want wayv became a fix unit (like 127-promoting in china its okay) ya because theyre-just like winwin said- FAMILY. but i dont want theyre (feels like) seperated with the other nct (cuz SM told wayv part of nct) and if can i want theyre (even) promoting in korea too-double job. but it must be tiring for them. just wish all the best la♡

    dboddlee ;dboddlee ;3 개월 전
  • 9:59 I'm crying 😭

    T For TaeilT For Taeil3 개월 전
  • They need to be noticed T_T

    T For TaeilT For Taeil3 개월 전
  • Hendery, all I want for my birthday is marry you on my birthday

    Hafizha SarahHafizha Sarah3 개월 전
  • I absolutely love the Saints shirt that kun is wearing!!!! New Orleans loves you!!!

    jan hamerjan hamer3 개월 전
  • Love you WayV

    Heheh 10veHeheh 10ve3 개월 전
  • I love how SM always include English so we the world can know all the beautiful words Wayv has to say!!

    Lissa RoseLissa Rose3 개월 전
  • 7 lovely, and angelic souls in one stage is such a heavenly made. i love WayV.

    Cathy MargaretteCathy Margarette3 개월 전
  • My lovely Kun My lovely Ten My lovely Winwin My lovely Lucas My lovely Xiaojun My lovely Hendery My lovely Yangyang WayV

    jihan sabrinajihan sabrina3 개월 전
  • I really love WayV

    jihan sabrinajihan sabrina3 개월 전
  • I really hope I can buy their album someday.

    RaldgeMargaretteValenciaRaldgeMargaretteValencia3 개월 전
  • Ten, Yangyang and Xiaojun be out here looking like the newer, better looking cast of Twilight. Period.

    Reisha D'SouzaReisha D'Souza3 개월 전
  • kun: i think this mv is really a masterpiece aGREE

    Kari LiuKari Liu3 개월 전
  • TEN Fans 0:33 ~ You're welcome

    Roni Lyn AmarantoRoni Lyn Amaranto3 개월 전
  • Omg, Ten got so fluent in Chinese, it's so inspiring. WayV, yes, you do have a powerful positive impact. I love you all, thank you.. for everything.

    Lolly RandomLolly Random3 개월 전
  • stan WayV guys there is no regret when you stan them i swear :)

    Haura HHaura H3 개월 전
  • blue haired kun and lucas with glasses oml

    wanna be your mommywanna be your mommy3 개월 전
  • Hey fellow WayZenNi ✨🌈 We are a girlgroup and we made a vocal cover of WayV's "Love Talk" on our youtube channel ❤️ ✨ The link is here, if you want to take a listen 💖 Thank you for your time 🌈✨❤️🤗 koworld.info/club/fMh_e7Db2ZnMloA/bidio.html

    FreeMindedSoulsFreeMindedSouls3 개월 전
  • Respect for wayv

    NCTzen idNCTzen id3 개월 전
  • 아... 쿤 진짜 개잘생겼네 ;;;;

    이띠용이띠용3 개월 전
  • tell us moaarrr kingz

    Xual XatiXual Xati4 개월 전
  • 한국인 계세여?????? 대체 웨이브이와 엔시티는 무슨관계가 되는거죠?? 여기 엔시티가 넷이나 있는데 이넷은 엔시티 활동 이제 안하는건지...

    dinori loapdinori loap4 개월 전
  • เพิ่งเห็นว่ามีซับไทย >_

    K. T.K. T.4 개월 전
  • Plisssssss sun indony Banyak indomie yg hadir di siniiiiiiii huaaaaaa

    Aceyza Nailah SofyanAceyza Nailah Sofyan4 개월 전
  • i also got teary-eyed when hendery said that they do not call their dorm as dorm but they call it as home 😭😭😭

    ninayninay4 개월 전
  • 8:24 Lucas staring at Winwin

    D RainedD Rained4 개월 전
  • Winwin could fit in to NCT 127's punch concept

    D RainedD Rained4 개월 전
  • this is Winwin's era.

    Sky PongPongSky PongPong4 개월 전
  • I'm so proud of them!!

    Kartika KawaiKartika Kawai4 개월 전
  • Please. Indonesian subtittles

    ahgaseahgase4 개월 전