TAEMIN 태민 '이데아 (IDEA:理想)' MV

2020. 11. 09.
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TAEMIN's 3rd album "Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 2" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/TAEMIN_NGDA_Act2
01 이데아 (IDEA:理想)
02 Heaven
03 유인 (Impressionable)
04 Be Your Enemy (Feat. WENDY of Red Velvet)
05 안아줄래 (Think Of You)
06 Exclusive (Korean Ver.)
07 Pansy
08 사랑인 것 같아 (I Think It’s Love)
09 Identity
TAEMIN Official
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TAEMIN 태민 '이데아 (IDEA:理想)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

  • Israel ArevaloIsrael Arevalo5 초 전
  • 스엠에 팩스를 보냅시다 사용자 계정 차단해 달라고 밑에 보면 그사람 계정 쭉 뽑아 놓은 댓글 있어요 캡쳐해서 보냅시다

    amber kamber k2 분 전
  • I think he needs to change his stylist

    koko kokopkoko kokop6 분 전
    • And I think his style and his stylist are perfect :)

      bajdunia 67bajdunia 6727 초 전
  • Y0utube have updated the thumbnail but still not the no of v!3ws. It has been so many days.

    Joane Marie DimaanoJoane Marie Dimaano8 분 전

    ONiHiMeONiHiMe8 분 전
  • Everyday is Taemin day !! Love u Taeminiee

    Kim AerisuKim Aerisu9 분 전
  • Hey at least it seems the thumbnails updated!! I haven't seen any preview saying 30M today. Small steps.

    TFVidsTFVids11 분 전
  • So cool!!

    Israel ArevaloIsrael Arevalo13 분 전
  • 40,947,967 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Ian Dela CruzIan Dela Cruz20 분 전
    • Still

      bethbeth7 분 전
  • The chorus sounds amazing even on 0.75 and 1.25 speed!!

    Emma ArtingerEmma Artinger24 분 전
  • i just love this music, so perfect

    lantana?lantana?25 분 전
  • Go 41M

    TAEM OH Yes RayR2TAEM OH Yes RayR227 분 전
    • It would be nice if it went up instead of being stuck.

      bethbeth6 분 전
  • Taemin IS top male idol

    Sharm CantSharm Cant29 분 전
  • 나는 오늘도 당연히 태민이의 이데아를 들으며 하루를 보내지!

    J JJ J29 분 전
  • We're so proud of you!!!

    FuofuFuofu34 분 전
  • Guys, it's our son... We need to support our cute baby !!!!!

    アウエンアウエン35 분 전
  • "You are my Messiah" 正にこれだ!!

    FuofuFuofu37 분 전

    SHINeecitosSHINeecitos37 분 전
  • Sorry pero esto ver perfecto ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Porfirio ApalePorfirio Apale37 분 전
  • It's OK Shawols! We're doing great. Don't get discouraged. Let's support our Taeminnie. Let's support our SHINee.

    linda165linda16541 분 전
  • 愛してるよー

    FuofuFuofu42 분 전
  • Amo esta canción.

    Josselin PeraltaJosselin Peralta45 분 전
  • 負けない

    りさ。りさ。46 분 전
  • 아 이태민 진짜 사랑해 말해뭐해 이태민이 최고야

    Yeana ShimYeana Shim46 분 전
  • Love you taeminah

    meme memememe meme47 분 전
    • @meme meme yes : (

      Clever KoalaClever Koala2 분 전
    • @meme meme Yes, too many comments looks to YT like bot behavior and all your viㅌws may be dㅌlㅌted

      bajdunia 67bajdunia 674 분 전
    • @Clever Koala is that make rhe ste33m bad??

      meme memememe meme24 분 전
    • Please dont send too many comments thanks

      Clever KoalaClever Koala46 분 전
  • Keep working SHAWOL

    meme memememe meme47 분 전
  • Taemin the king

    meme memememe meme48 분 전
  • the king

    meme memememe meme48 분 전

    meme memememe meme48 분 전
  • テミン素敵です〜 みんな頑張りましょう!

    FuofuFuofu50 분 전
  • 41M let's go

    Yesicav342Yesicav34254 분 전
  • SHINee World vamos por esos 100 Millones para "Idea" !

    Ana FabAna Fab57 분 전
  • This is the reason why we have been waiting so long

    Mery GallegosMery Gallegos59 분 전
  • Artists know how valuable he is..

    Wings ELWings EL시간 전
  • Role modal for a reason

    Wings ELWings EL시간 전
  • There is only one Taemin for the entire universe

    Wings ELWings EL시간 전
  • Always with Taeminnie and the members! #SHINeeIsBack

    Baby CheeseBaby Cheese시간 전
  • When king is back. World have to bow.down

    Wings ELWings EL시간 전
  • Taemin REY. Lo amo mucho uwu. IDEA GO! SHAWOLS GO!

    Ena Pérez.Ena Pérez.시간 전
  • Simply stunning.

    TussahSilkTussahSilk시간 전
  • Won't stop fighting. Go Taemiiiin!!!! Don't mind the haters people!! Don't give attention that they don't deserve!!!

    Tan BlueTan Blue시간 전
    • Yes guys DO NOT rep0rt sp@m comments! They don't fre3ze anything (Google it) but rep0rting them will make YT check our vi3ws and del3te them !!

      Huynh LanHuynh Lan15 분 전
  • We really should thank his parents for bringing an angel into this world. For also supporting his desire to become an artist especially at such a young age! We are truly fortunate to have him.

    bethbeth시간 전
  • when will we? forty one

    Shaira PacunayenShaira Pacunayen시간 전
  • Keep watching the mv, fam ❤️

    camille cabillocamille cabillo시간 전
  • Taeminne best boy

    ltmltmltm ltmltmltmltmltmltm ltmltmltm시간 전
  • Our Taemin - so deadly seductive one minute and so odoroble the next! I love his amazing personality and talent - Taemin-ah, you are the best - you know it, we know it and all the world knows it!!! :)))

    Auntie67Auntie67시간 전
  • Its the freaking longest 40-41 of my life!!! Damn it bitches

    Moonlight22 UMoonlight22 U시간 전
  • Pathetic dumb brats who have time to spam other idols, yeah you all are doing great. I'm so jealous you have a looooooots of free time to do this. Must be nice to harass others. Why don't you all just support your own bias than coming here? I don't really want to comment this here. I want to fill this comment section with just love, but haters doing exotic things here makes me angry and sad at the same time.

    FuofuFuofu시간 전
    • DO NOT rep0rt sp@m comments! Nothing they're doing can actually fre3ze anything (Google it) but rep0rting them will make YT check our vi3ws and del3te them !!

      Huynh LanHuynh Lan14 분 전
    • They are really jobless

      Wings ELWings EL시간 전
  • هلا والله بالكينغ

    dibidibi disdibidibi dis시간 전
  • هلا والله بالابداع

    dibidibi disdibidibi dis시간 전
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  • هلا والله بتمنه

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  • هلا والله بالمز

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  • ياللهوي ياخرابي

    dibidibi disdibidibi dis시간 전
  • نااار

    dibidibi disdibidibi dis시간 전
  • Saranghae

    dibidibi disdibidibi dis시간 전
  • Taemin

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  • Luv u

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  • Taemin

    dibidibi disdibidibi dis시간 전
  • King

    dibidibi disdibidibi dis시간 전
  • Taeminie deserves more

    Parmida hhhParmida hhh시간 전
  • IDEA gooo 60m criminal 50m

    the nashminthe nashmin시간 전
  • Because we stan,we will keep fighting. 50M next. Keep going. Please do not forget CRIMINAL. Keep str34ming fam.

    winnie Okwinnie Ok시간 전
  • we reached the 40M and stuck with it why : ( yt f*ck you

    Khadija KhalafKhadija Khalaf시간 전
  • The idea of watching your live performance is just enough to lose the control of my mind. Keep this in your mind, my precious 🚬🔥

    Hünker YamanHünker Yaman시간 전

    It all starts From HomeIt all starts From Home시간 전
  • اي احد هنا لحد يرد على المختلة ذيك

    wedwed2 시간 전
    • مريضة

      Zoz JKZoz JK41 분 전
    • الله ياخذها اول مرة اشوف حقد بالشكل هاد

      meme memememe meme49 분 전
    • مو فاضين لها

      شاولز SHINeeشاولز SHINee시간 전
  • واخيرا خلصته

    wedwed2 시간 전
  • ياجماعة ظهري تكسر من الواجب

    wedwed2 시간 전
    • @Zoz JK بالتوفيق نحنا بدت من سبتمبر

      wedwed39 분 전
    • احنة حتبدي الجامعة عن قريب

      Zoz JKZoz JK41 분 전
    • @Zhe Zhe تمويل

      wedwed45 분 전
    • ليش شو بتدرسي

      Zhe ZheZhe Zhe시간 전
  • Hiç türk yorum görmedim

    rosea weenrosea ween2 시간 전
  • no entiendo a las niñas adolescentes que solo se dedican a tirar odio a otros artistas cada uno de nuestros idolos brilla a su manera no tienes que apagar una luz para hacer notar a otra si tu estas leyendo esto espero que cuando crezcas logres entender esto. Taemin, eres un sol, brillas de una manera especial shawol cuidaremos de ti y de nuestros otros chicos < 3

    Marii ChavzMarii Chavz2 시간 전
  • i'm so proud of you taemin, you did everything this year, ily

    SHINee paletteSHINee palette2 시간 전
  • Happy 40M!✨ Let's streaaaaam!

    zuhn xxnvlzuhn xxnvl2 시간 전
    • edit the word str*am plz

      Khadija KhalafKhadija Khalaf시간 전
  • keep st3aming!!!! ^^

    taemin tu patróntaemin tu patrón2 시간 전
  • 41 Million in 3 daze

    Rocky RoadRocky Road2 시간 전
  • vamos shawol, no se desanimen por las personas que solo vienen a tirar odio a nuestro Taemin!! recuerden lo feliz que nos hace y le tenemos que devolver el doble de la felicidad que el nos da (insertó un corazón uwu)

    SHINee WorldSHINee World2 시간 전
  • Go Go Go !!

    Israel ArevaloIsrael Arevalo2 시간 전
  • Petition to have Taemin wear only that white cropped turtleneck for the rest of the year, like if you agree 🥵🥺🥺🥺

    Jules PosadaJules Posada2 시간 전
  • I've been here 4 hours ago... wow... it's been days why are we struggling?

    Ian Dela CruzIan Dela Cruz2 시간 전
    • Guys we're actually doing pretty well. A slow of pace is inevitable (despite all the fre3zing). It took us 2 days to get 1M which is not bad at all. Criminal slowed down after 10M and it was taking us 3 days to get 1M , then 5 days. If we keep it up, we CAN make it to 50M so don't stress out too much 🤗

      Huynh LanHuynh Lan7 분 전
    • 😔

      winnie Okwinnie Ok2 시간 전
    • vi*ws froze a lot

      Khadija KhalafKhadija Khalaf2 시간 전
  • اروح لاغاني اكسوزق احسن الي لأن انتهى دوري هنا ✌ نستقبل نباحكم 😎

    Min AyonMin Ayon2 시간 전
    • 썩 꺼져

      엄마찾아 수만Lee엄마찾아 수만Lee39 분 전
    • #MAMAVOTE#taemin#twitter #spotify #day#night#criminal

      CstichCstich시간 전
    • Out!

      Baby CheeseBaby Cheese시간 전
    • 유치

      에리에리시간 전
    • disappears

      Yesicav342Yesicav342시간 전
  • ma a a a ma odeaaa a a a ~

    HisaryHisary2 시간 전
  • the grammys need lee taemin but lee taemin does not need the grammy!

    HisaryHisary2 시간 전
    • FACTS

      It all starts From HomeIt all starts From Home2 시간 전
    • only facts

      Khadija KhalafKhadija Khalaf2 시간 전
    • just like that

      LupiZz MtzLupiZz Mtz2 시간 전
  • Will we ever get this damn 41?

    A_loves KPopA_loves KPop2 시간 전
  • I will never get over him, he is a legend

    Jus StayJus Stay2 시간 전
  • what/who do u guys think the ppl at the bar represent?

    a ya y2 시간 전
  • the way the other ppl start flickering in and out of existence in the bar scene makes it seem like madness

    a ya y2 시간 전
  • The colours!!!!

    a ya y2 시간 전
  • Guys I really can’t get over how perfect the lighting is in this video

    a ya y2 시간 전
  • Khafaaannn

    Mohadese HzMohadese Hz2 시간 전
  • Hot

    Mohadese HzMohadese Hz2 시간 전
  • Lovely

    Mohadese HzMohadese Hz2 시간 전
  • King

    Mohadese HzMohadese Hz2 시간 전
  • Kremi go away

    Irma MeliyanaIrma Meliyana2 시간 전
  • Yeeeeeeeees, let's go Taemin

    ann ; dksann ; dks2 시간 전
  • perfect...no one can do like taemin

    Sam RancafeSam Rancafe2 시간 전
  • اريد اكتل روحي صارلي ساعتين اسوي ستر*ي*م والمشا*ه*دات حتى مزادت 1000 مشا*ه*ده استغفر الله

    كلا لمركه الشجركلا لمركه الشجر2 시간 전
    • حرفيا

      Khadija KhalafKhadija Khalaf2 시간 전
  • かわいいテミン‼︎ あなたは私達が守ります‼︎ シャヲルを信じて…사랑해

    Ty_My525Ty_My5252 시간 전
  • The concepts behind Criminal and Idea are so creative and smart. Love it

    Cristina CosminaCristina Cosmina2 시간 전
    • our taemin is very talented : )

      Khadija KhalafKhadija Khalaf2 시간 전