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2020. 10. 23.
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SuperM's new single “100” is out!
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  • SuperM is really awesome. Very cool.👍

    Siraprapa LaksakuSiraprapa Laksaku12 시간 전
  • KAI's first solo album "KAI (开)" will be out on november 30th. Don’t forget to listen and support when it's out. 카이의 첫 솔로 앨범 'KAI (开)'는 11 월 30 일 의 나올겁니다. 외출시고 경청하고 응원하는것을 잊지 마세요!

    Khin Shun WaTiKhin Shun WaTi6 일 전
  • Lucas💚💚

    Joan KeJoan Ke9 일 전
  • EXo

    aung aungaung aung10 일 전
  • Are they reupload this? Coz i feel like ive watch this before

    A4A416 일 전
  • But the way Lucas keep replying to Mark is like he is telling him U r talking very well.I agree with you So cute

    Raftaar ChoudharyRaftaar Choudhary19 일 전
  • Super M 💕💕 🔥: ❤️Taeyong, ❤️Mark, ❤️ Taemin, ❤️ Baekhyun, ❤️ Kai, ❤️ Ten, ❤️ Mark y Lucas ❤️❤️❤️

    nahomi soldevilanahomi soldevila21 일 전
  • lOs AmOOooOOOoOoOOOOoOooOO

  • shocked that I couldn't find this video from my playlist, then finally found it here.... why did they reupload this?

    Reni K.SReni K.S22 일 전
  • Mark Lee I love you the most

    Nurul Aini SiregarNurul Aini Siregar22 일 전

    Game OverGame Over22 일 전
  • SuperM is really the avengers group!!

    Game OverGame Over22 일 전
  • The best

    dinda ryanadinda ryana22 일 전
  • 🎆🐕🎆😺😎😭🐕😎👍🏾😭🌚😔🥺😂🌚😈🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

    toumi torkiatoumi torkia22 일 전

    bindu chennubindu chennu23 일 전
  • How does this not have 100k views or 500 comments?!

    FlurryQuackers DoritoFlurryQuackers Dorito25 일 전
  • I have started to love each member, everyone is so talented.

    Wendy PérezWendy Pérez25 일 전

    IdkWho wlee!IdkWho wlee!25 일 전
  • 멋있어요 누구 하나 나무랄데가 없네요 ~~^^♡

    insun yuinsun yu26 일 전
  • I beg you guys please vote and support taemin to wins at 2020 the link➡️ you guys can use all your social acc...thank you🙇‍♀️ Vote taemin for 1. Artist of the year 2. Song of the year 3. Worldwide fan's choice 4. Best male artist 5. Best dance solo performance

    don't be toxic -don't be toxic -26 일 전
  • SM plz give Super M a roll for drama..they should have their own drama series, with all of them on it. They did great on TvN drama..

    V VLV VL27 일 전
  • lucas ganteng

    sn stansn stan27 일 전
  • Super M super One❤

    Dea NDea N27 일 전
  • 허위 사실 유포한 사람입니다.

    수잠수잠27 일 전
  • Great work guys~ 💙

    MK AbadiezMK Abadiez27 일 전
  • For me Taemin's voice is very very very very powerful. He can do anything. 👌👌👌❤❤❤❤❤ He is the best.

    rkrkkrkre fjfjdkdkdrkrkkrkre fjfjdkdkd27 일 전
  • I think I'm the only one who's a fan of Superm first. They're my first kpop group to support and introduce me to their original groups. Now, I'm supporting NCT and Taemin. (Waiting for Kai Solo too)

    S BttrfldS Bttrfld27 일 전
  • isn't it the same video?

    Сабия АкаеваСабия Акаева27 일 전
  • sorry guys, but for me is that one of the best k-pop group ever. I love EXO, NCT, WavY and Shinee, but this group had the best vocals, dancers and rappers. So instead of hating, we should support them💕❤ #StandSuperM❤

    multifangirlmultifangirl28 일 전
  • Amo amo amo

    DéboraDébora28 일 전

    AR BEAR BE28 일 전
  • Oh chittaphon I just want to say I LOVE U💞💞💞💞💖

    Kathleen PrakashKathleen Prakash28 일 전
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Dian ChandraDian Chandra28 일 전
  • Why NCT U not get performance on the stage ??? i beg u to be fair & consistent.

    daffadaffa28 일 전
  • taemin is so cute

    Reem alobthaniReem alobthani28 일 전
  • ....

    Azimatus SilvianitaAzimatus Silvianita28 일 전

    Ade IrenaAde Irena28 일 전
  • yooooo superm ♡

    ofc brouvenofc brouven28 일 전
  • Me encantan, son tan geniales y especiales los amo

    Maryory Yaneth CastroMaryory Yaneth Castro28 일 전
  • 슈퍼팡인듯 각자 본그룹 활동이나 시켜줘 예네 정체성이나 있는거야? 엑소야 샤이니야 엔시티야? 이것 모도 아닌듯 그룹처럼 안보이고 이질감 느껴짐

    ry very ve28 일 전
  • I feel like SM forgot about all the SuperM stuff they recorded this year and are just randomly releasing videos when then find them😅 lol better late than never!!

    Hannah GrzzzHannah Grzzz28 일 전
  • i love u😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Lulu -Lulu -28 일 전
  • Hermoso

    Milena MercadoMilena Mercado28 일 전
  • Taemin: hello again The Stage staff: ????? Weren't you here like three weeks ago?? Taemin: yes

    Prickly CactusPrickly Cactus28 일 전
  • 0:32 As a fan of Kim Jaejoong for over 10 years now, I NEED to point out how much Taeyong here looks like Kim Jaejoong! Holy, SM did it again!!

    NoctLightCloudNoctLightCloud29 일 전
  • Hi, everyone...Stay safe!😍

    Brendan McGinleyBrendan McGinley29 일 전
  • Cek cek

    FORKI 8FORKI 829 일 전
  • 16:44

    Reza MonikaReza Monika29 일 전
  • We Support SuperM Ten is so cute and great Dance 😊

    tookta nattayatookta nattaya29 일 전
  • It's surprising cuz some time they arent making noise too much. Even tho they are The biggest Artist out there. But the thing is views doesn't really count how FREAKING Big they are. Their SALES AND RANKING in western and locals charts are undeniably OUT THERE always on Top. I really don't know y fans don't put it out. 🤣 Lazy SPERMS

    Game With AyshaGame With Aysha29 일 전
  • Yang translate ke Indonesia siapa aja?

    Arlin NadiraArlin Nadira29 일 전
  • love superm

    nelaa oktarisanelaa oktarisa29 일 전
  • Ampun dah Lucas Ten Kai kenapa ganteng banget-

    { Michelle{ Michelle29 일 전
  • Love SuperM content, you have certainly made this horrible year more bearable, Thank you and SM entertainment 😁👍London calling

    Suzanne StottSuzanne Stott29 일 전
  • Did the intern forget to upload this or what?

    YzavellaGlamKatzYzavellaGlamKatz29 일 전
  • Pordiof

    ;;Rocio;;Rocio29 일 전
  • Can't wait for new groip

    Stephanie ThompsonStephanie Thompson29 일 전
  • I like LUCAS & MARK having interview together. LUCAS seems much more relax and can express more.

    Cheng QifanCheng Qifan개월 전
  • just wanna say, the set design's pwetty

    reneisonfirereneisonfire개월 전
  • No offense, but think how overworked Mark is, he's a member of NCT Dream, NCT U, NCT 127, and SuperM.... People loves human rather than robot, cz human do have feelings, let him caring, fully dedicated, and give his heart for only one group, I'm pretty sure that group gonna be really great.

    Vasdeverens 777Vasdeverens 777개월 전
  • so proud of them🥺😻

    Munin BynMunin Byn개월 전
  • exo in the

    ibrahim kayaibrahim kaya개월 전
  • I like all of they're part SuperM is the best.

    jesslyn rudiyantojesslyn rudiyanto개월 전
  • The Super group with Super members, this is SuperM and their Super performances. Super love for Lee TAEYONG too.

    ravarettaravaretta개월 전
  • Super M is just so talented. Super one is an amazing album, ♾/10 for the band and album!

    FlowerFluff MFlowerFluff M개월 전

  • Harta tahta SM

    Fadyla AyuWFadyla AyuW개월 전

    fatinurayenfatinurayen개월 전
  • 교차편집 미쳤다.. 찍는다고 고생하셨어요! 슈퍼엠 ㄹㅇ 흥해야함……

    엥쉬리엥쉬리개월 전
  • Plastik

    Riduan KhalikRiduan Khalik개월 전
  • I love you guys, stay healthy ❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Renty NurhayatiRenty Nurhayati개월 전
  • Everyone:"This IS the worst year ever" SuperM:" sorry but not us" STAN SUPERM FOR BETTER LIFE!!

    Sundari Kartika sariSundari Kartika sari개월 전
  • Nice

    Chantha MemeChantha Meme개월 전
  • they are such great performers

    SherrySherry개월 전
  • เทอบอกว่าเซ็กมันไม่ดีแต่เทอทำอยู่ทุกที (ไปเอากับมัน)

    OKSOKS개월 전
  • เทอบอกว่าเซ็กมันไม่ดีแต่เทอทำอยู่ทุกที (ไปเอากับมัน)

    OKSOKS개월 전
  • เทอบอกว่าเซ็กมันไม่ดีแต่เทอทำอยู่ทุกที (ไปเอากับมัน)

    OKSOKS개월 전
  • เทอบอกว่าเซ็กมันไม่ดีแต่เทอทำอยู่ทุกที (ไปเอากับมัน)

    OKSOKS개월 전
  • เทอบอกว่าเซ็กมันไม่ดีแต่เทอทำอยู่ทุกที (ไปเอากับมัน)

    OKSOKS개월 전
  • เทอบอกว่าเซ็กมันไม่ดีแต่เทอทำอยู่ทุกที (ไปเอากับมัน)

    OKSOKS개월 전
  • Jongin is always handsome. Oh my... how can someone be this perfect?!?!

    Kai BearKai Bear개월 전
  • The group I've loved since their debut ♥︎ Keep shining and being the best, SuperM ♥︎

    Kai BearKai Bear개월 전
  • TEN

    B.D.A entertainment :vB.D.A entertainment :v개월 전
  • As a suggestion you could put subtitles in Spanish thanks 💓, greetings from Mexico 💓 💓

    Adiswitch vAdiswitch v개월 전
  • It's just me or Taemin is not feeling the song

    martu kranevittermartu kranevitter개월 전
  • Who loves moments when seeing baekhyun dance I like it so much 👇👍

    Oumaima GuesmiOumaima Guesmi개월 전
  • Huh this web said hebdied

  • Can someone explain to me why Kai, Taemin and Baek are in this video? I always thought Super M was a group from before ShiNee and Exo were formed.

    808BornandRaised808BornandRaised개월 전
  • Mark really likes the Pink color.

    Deepshikha SinghDeepshikha Singh개월 전
  • 1:26 I love how there's no personal space between Mark and Ten while talking 🤭

    Lis HallomanLis Halloman개월 전
  • 8

    ภาคิน เที่ยงอยุ่ภาคิน เที่ยงอยุ่개월 전
  • Did they take this video down and re-upload it?

    ayeerdnA _ayeerdnA _개월 전
  • KEREN !!!!

    Derliyanti ReiDerliyanti Rei개월 전
  • SuperM

    RDS 05RDS 05개월 전
  • I am love super m,❤️❤️❤️❤️ lucas is the best

    Fanny ArtatyFanny Artaty개월 전
  • 이태민 개천사

    도시현도시현개월 전
  • I thought my heart had gone stone cold, but after SuperM I'm in love again!

    joaothevideojoaothevideo개월 전
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!!

    Gg AdGg Ad개월 전
  • Delogok zutlay

    Nasril ArdiansyahNasril Ardiansyah개월 전
  • ขอบคุณสำหรับคำบรรยายภาษาไทย🙂

    ning suwannaning suwanna개월 전