aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV

2020. 11. 17.
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aespa's debut single "Black Mamba" is Out!
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aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

  • aespa♡⌓♡

    Dinda Tri Rikma Kesuma DewiDinda Tri Rikma Kesuma Dewi57 분 전
  • Ayo guyss gassskannn!


    Casserine CarpioCasserine Carpio58 분 전
  • Do the fans already have a name?

    Ilse DíazIlse Díaz59 분 전
    • MYs

      h hh h57 분 전
  • Come on guys 100m

    Mathilda Ivana TampubolonMathilda Ivana Tampubolon59 분 전
  • Mamamamamamamba going 60M str3aming party 🥳

    Sun StarSun Star59 분 전
  • Apakah benar black mamba gak pakai KOworld ads? Aku bolak-balik KOworld belum pernah nemuin

    Yatno YatnoYatno Yatno시간 전
  • 127k to go

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  • 128k more🥳🥳

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    • Leggo

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  • aespa ranking in different categories

  • 59,872,529

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  • Hayukk 60m

    Sussana JuliaSussana Julia시간 전
  • Okay this vid is actually trending for two straight weeks in YT PH now 🤯 this is insane for a debut! Hwaitingg filo MYs!

    Sun StarSun Star시간 전
    • 💪!!!

      h hh h57 분 전
  • VOTE STARPLAY guys, Gap nya gak jauh jadi ini kesempatan kita kasih first win ke æspa🙏

    xoxo beatrizxoxo beatriz시간 전
  • 60M before 6PM KST when they perform inkigayo

    tri adjitri adji시간 전
    • already perform

      xoxo beatrizxoxo beatriz시간 전
  • Lets go 60M

    Winter _1Winter _1시간 전
  • "I hate Ma Ma Ma Mamba" Nyindir si uler?

    naula lalalalalanaula lalalalala시간 전
  • 60M !!

    shukri Hanshukri Han시간 전
  • aespa❤

    Jolin leoJolin leo시간 전
  • Copy blackpink 🙄

    Awadah BasyirahAwadah Basyirah시간 전
    • Don’t be scared, it’s only a rookie group.

      h hh h56 분 전
    • Ulol

      lmalphlmalph시간 전
    • @_ lol

      Winter _1Winter _1시간 전
    • Get out

      Sun StarSun Star시간 전
    • what did they copy? the amount of members?

      __시간 전
  • Gas

    MhwylmMhwylm시간 전
  • P0rn vibes i like it

    OloberOlober시간 전
    • That sux 🤮

      Sun StarSun Star시간 전
  • Gaaasken 60M

    tri adjitri adji시간 전
  • 59,861,195

    Annisa SorayaAnnisa Soraya시간 전
  • 60M.LETS GOOOO MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jojo misajojo misa시간 전
  • 60M.LETS GOOOO MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jojo misajojo misa시간 전
  • 60M.LETS GOOOO MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jojo misajojo misa시간 전
  • 60M 200K 2M like

    الوسيم العالمي كيم سوكجينالوسيم العالمي كيم سوكجين시간 전
  • ayo MYNE 60M sebelum jam 4

    Neo City ClubNeo City Club시간 전
    • Yuk yuk

      tri adjitri adji시간 전
  • Not a fan, but that blonde girl caught my attention.

    Franzes PabicoFranzes Pabico시간 전
    • just an fyi if you want to know, her stage name is Giselle. She's from japan and main rapper on this group, only training for 11 month. Can speak 3 languange, an english speaker (have a great english bcs her school is an international school). she did a choir tho for 9 years & she is 00Line ; )

      amara hayraniamara hayrani시간 전

    sansan시간 전
  • Better than black pink

    jojo misajojo misa시간 전
  • There is a Chinese member Chinese members return to China when they announce their names on K-pop Insults K-pop, but insults Korean history and culture. Absolute wealth of these

    변웅섭변웅섭시간 전
    • @tri adji Even now, the Chinese people who were in K-pop are making comments that distort the Korean War. China is falsely inciting that they have prevented the invasion of the United States by South Korea by saying that they invaded Korea.

      변웅섭변웅섭시간 전
    • Ignore this MY, this is useless comment

      tri adjitri adji시간 전
  • What a lovely MV!

    Loli ArganLoli Argan시간 전
  • 59,855,178

    putria azfputria azf시간 전
  • 60M GUYSSSS MAKE IT FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bong VornBong Vorn시간 전
  • 3:38 What the heck is BoA doing there😅

    Ahmad Dzykra FadhillaAhmad Dzykra Fadhilla시간 전
    • some begining of SMCU

      amara hayraniamara hayrani시간 전
    • That's a teaser 😉

      Sun StarSun Star시간 전
    • A teaser brought by SMCU

      Aubrey VillegasAubrey Villegas시간 전
  • 150k... let’s try 2 hours

    h hh h시간 전

      putria azfputria azf시간 전
  • lol straight up thought this was a KOBE tribute

    MrOuji89MrOuji89시간 전
  • MY SЕХ LOVE--->> I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli,hkk

    Fitri sunimaFitri sunima시간 전
  • Uhhh

    Nimmm HiNimmm Hi시간 전
  • 100M This year M'y

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  • LETS GOOOO MY 60M!!!

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    • Fighting

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  • 59,851,022!

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  • MY's pls vote aespa in starplay!!Fighting!!

    mewy morexxemewy morexxe시간 전
    • Done vote..& save 3ticket for live show

      Mdha AhMdMdha AhMd시간 전
  • 100M in a MONTH, Let's Go *My's!!!*

    Chelsea ChicoChelsea Chico시간 전
  • This feels like a crossover between spiderman multiverse and winx club 😅

    WhateverWhatever시간 전
  • 59843

    Teh Poci Eps.1Teh Poci Eps.1시간 전
  • Kda

    Nabil RoslanNabil Roslan시간 전
  • 60M!!!!

    Ara KrishaneAra Krishane시간 전
  • I can't move on with this song (~ ̄³ ̄)~

    Taengooo 09Taengooo 09시간 전
  • Why their views suddenly dropped.

    Siyon RaiSiyon Rai시간 전
    • It'normal after 12 days, dont get caught in this comment, MY we are going to break 60M record fastest debut!

      Adriana nesiaAdriana nesia시간 전
  • MYs! We only got 1.2M v1ews yesterday, let's make it 1.4-1.5 todays!! Hwaitingg 🥳

    Sun StarSun Star시간 전
  • Candu banget lagu ini

    eka chyineka chyin시간 전
  • MYs, please stream harder; we only got 200k+ views in the last 5 hours. let’s keeping viewing and help them get their first win.

    only MYonly MY시간 전
    • Yes let's make it :)

      MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning시간 전
    • @Sun Star yess lets keep streaming 🥳

      only MYonly MY시간 전
    • Yeah we barely moving esp on weekends 🙁 anyway let's stre@m nonstop

      Sun StarSun Star시간 전
  • Queen of copycat ... lol ....

    I Can’t Stop MeI Can’t Stop Me시간 전
    • keep looking and streaming ok, haha maybe you will find some similar or plagiarism "thing" while streaming this MV. lmao

      amara hayraniamara hayrani시간 전
    • Thanks for the view and comment. Let's continue to support our girls

      Joe MJoe M시간 전
    • stupid

    • Prolly more talented than your favs... you should go home now

      h hh h시간 전
    • really?how u know lol

      Nuraisha DayiniNuraisha Dayini시간 전
  • Is this Barbie? Wow this is so amazing I will stan them!! (Ning Ning is like a real Barbie even Giselle) actually all of them. love this MV

    Carl Eryll FedelinoCarl Eryll Fedelino시간 전
  • 60M lets goooo M'y!!!!

    jojo misajojo misa시간 전
  • They focus karina too muchhhh

    ahmai angguahmai anggu시간 전
    • It's normal to have one member to be visual position, all groups have, and most important is we love Giselle, Ningning, Winter equally!

      Adriana nesiaAdriana nesia시간 전
  • Semongkoo aespa

    Meisya WeldianiMeisya Weldiani시간 전
  • Let’s go, so close

    h hh h시간 전
  • It’s been a week and I’m so proud of them

    미히예쁜미히예쁜시간 전
  • 🤢🤮👎

    Gong yooGong yoo시간 전
    • Thanks for the view. Keep supporting our girls

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    • ❌❌❌

    • 🖕

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    • Here puke here🚽

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  • Aespa > black pink

    jojo misajojo misa시간 전
    • Fun

      jojo misajojo misa시간 전
    • Benk do min

      jojo misajojo misa시간 전
    • Oula

      jojo misajojo misa시간 전
    • Blinks hate the truth

      jojo misajojo misa시간 전
    • @Sun Star no cry

      jojo misajojo misa시간 전
  • I’m addicted 끊임없이 말을 걸어주는 나의 에스파 이런 교감, 너의 존잰 날 다른 차원으로 이끌었지 난 세상 중심에 You’re in the FLAT 내 모든 Action 어린 너의 힘을 키워 넌 언젠가부터 SYNK out 노이즈같이 보여 더 이상 못 찾겠어 널 유혹해 삼킨 건 Black Mamba Ma Ma Ma Mamba Woo oh-oh Ma Ma Ma Mamba Oh eh-o eh-o 넌 광야를 떠돌고 있어 (Aya ya ya ya ya ya) 나의 분신을 찾고 싶어 (Aya ya ya ya ya ya) Hey Ma Mamba I hate Ma Ma Ma Mamba Hate Ma Ma Ma Mamba I’m ejected 선함 만으론 너의 거대함을 이기지 못해 I’m exhausted 너의 존잰 모든 탐욕들을 먹고 자라 났지 에스파는 나야 둘이 될 수 없어 Monochrome to colors 이건 Evo, Evolution Oh! 위험한 장난을 쳐 매혹적이지만 널 부정할 밖에 모든 걸 삼켜버릴 Black Mamba Ma Ma Ma Mamba Woo oh-oh Ma Ma Ma Mamba Oh eh-o eh-o 넌 광야를 떠돌고 있어 (Aya ya ya ya ya ya) 네게 맞서 난 질 수 없어 (Aya ya ya ya ya ya) Hey Ma Mamba 거울 속의 나는 네가 아닐까? 일그러져버린 환영인 걸까? 다시 너와 연결될 수 있다면 너를 만나고 싶어 이제 모든 걸 삼켜버릴 Black Mamba Ma Ma Ma Mamba Woo oh-oh Ma Ma Ma Mamba Oh eh-o eh-o 넌 광야를 떠돌고 있어 (Aya ya ya ya ya ya) 네게 맞서 난 질 수 없어 (Aya ya ya ya ya ya) Hey Ma Mamba

    Dita NurlitaDita Nurlita시간 전
  • Lets goooo 60M M'y!!!

    jojo misajojo misa시간 전
  • Monochrome to colors

    Dewi NisrinaDewi Nisrina시간 전
  • 60m here we go! keep streaming mys. Let's make it 100m asap

  • 닝닝 ~~~~

    Dewi NisrinaDewi Nisrina시간 전
  • let's go for 60m before week 2

    Yuan LeeYuan Lee시간 전
  • 음방에서 다시보니 매력이 많던데 잘됐으면 좋겠어요

    ssing cocossing coco시간 전
  • Winter 💖

    jojo misajojo misa시간 전
  • Lets goooo 60M M'y !!!!!

    jojo misajojo misa시간 전
  • Gemes sendiri liat viewersnya hohoo ayo dikit lagiiii

    Nilna MunaNilna Muna시간 전
  • Ya ampun dikit lagi 60M woyyy

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  • 60M kajaaaa

    Ni Made GaluhNi Made Galuh시간 전
  • Ma ma ma mamba 🥳💗 60 M

    LittleLittle시간 전
  • 59,813,143 views 1,987,665 likes

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  • 59,813,143!

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  • MY let's work hard

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  • vote aespa!!

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  • Legoo 60jt MYNE, Jan lupa vote di starplay udh no 2

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  • Ayo semangat MYs, jgn kasih kendor

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  • naik naik ayo 60M

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  • Let's go to 60 M views and 2 M likes . Keep Streaming MYs

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  • 却没 哀愁 了噶了 促瑞特 :-)

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  • 真的很難聽又沒品ㄧ堆然後(ㄧ堆醜女

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  • ㅣㄷㅎㅁㅣ:-D

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  • 1:08

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  • MYs!! please vote on starplay our overall percentage is decreasing

    Maria AhmaddMaria Ahmadd2 시간 전
  • download strayplay and vote aespa!!

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  • Let's go to 60 M

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  • Rasanya oh rasanya

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  • Ma ma ma mamba

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    • You said but you don't vote yet. Please Vote

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  • papi balik lagi

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    • Wkwkwk

      May be coz you uglyMay be coz you ugly시간 전
  • 59Mdone now let's go to 60M Fighting!!!

    Ksheetija BantawaKsheetija Bantawa2 시간 전
  • Kinda music that Voldemort would like

    Anshika SinghAnshika Singh2 시간 전

      Krichelle VidalKrichelle Vidal2 시간 전