TAEMIN 태민 'Criminal' MV

2020. 09. 07.
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TAEMIN's 3rd Album "Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 1" is out!
🎧 Listen and download on your favorite platform : smarturl.it/TAEMIN_NGDA_Act1
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TAEMIN 태민 'Criminal' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

  • BabyTAEM

    RayR. TMRayR. TM5 분 전
  • te amo bebé

    Vanessa LlamasVanessa Llamas8 분 전
  • Vamos, sigamos, poco a poco el número incrementaa.

    magmm Shawolmagmm Shawol8 분 전
  • when i bluetooth this song to my car, my mom like this song and she really enjoy this masterpiece song!! I'M PROUD TO BE SHAWOL

    wawa nurawawa nura28 분 전
    • yayy

      Taem JjakggungTaem Jjakggung23 분 전
  • claro que se puede, animó

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  • Logremos esto, shawols y taemints!! Sí podemos!! Fighting!!!!!

    Tan BlueTan Blue52 분 전
  • vamos a trabajar mas duro, demos 50M a criminal.

    Vanessa LlamasVanessa Llamas58 분 전
    • Vamoooooooos!! :D

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  • quiero llegar ya a los 42, vamos shawols

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  • حصلنا على ٥٨ الف منذ سادسة مساءً

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    Moon DropMoon Drop시간 전

    Moon DropMoon Drop시간 전

    Moon DropMoon Drop시간 전
  • Whenever i see Taemin the word ART always come to my mind

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  • Taemin

    حيدر عباسحيدر عباس시간 전
  • Criminal

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  • ♡♡♡♡

    حيدر عباسحيدر عباس시간 전
  • I just went on a SHINee nostalgia kick and coming back here immediately after re-watching SHINee's Replay is one of the most jarring things I've done to myself! Geez, 14 yr-old baby Taemin with the eye-catching smile in that 2008 debut vs the highly polished and commanding performer drawing international awe in 2020; it's been fun growing up with him! All Taemin performances through the yrs have been a delight! I hope I can be as polished in my career lol.

    FeatheredWingzFeatheredWingz2 시간 전
    • What beautiful words, very well said, this is how our wonderful Taemin has grown.

      Luna MartzLuna Martz2 시간 전
  • shawol and taemint dont forget to support taemin on MAMA

    iheart taeminiheart taemin2 시간 전
  • maravilla de canción, de mv, coreografía, lo tiene todo realmente todo

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  • Te amo

    Mafer Hernández VásquezMafer Hernández Vásquez2 시간 전
  • recuerden que es str3@m masivo, no se duerman aun.

    magmm Shawolmagmm Shawol3 시간 전
  • que buen sonido, esta genial.

    jesus mtzjesus mtz3 시간 전
  • Vamos shawoools!! Hagamos ganar a Taemin!!!!!

    Tan BlueTan Blue3 시간 전
  • Maravilloso, simplemente increíble, ete es el gran Dios Taemin, verdadero Rey.

    Magu mtzMagu mtz4 시간 전
  • que explendida es Criminal, quiero ver ya en los mama.

    MGJ BlingMGJ Bling4 시간 전
  • Lalalala.... I can't get u out of my head Lee Taemin love u a lot .

    Hana TynHana Tyn4 시간 전
  • Don't sleep on him please

    Sam SamSam Sam4 시간 전
  • Hey you! Yes you. I just want to thank you for watching and supporting Taemin's hard work, sweat, and tears put into this masterpiece. He is attending MAMA and is nominated for Criminal. Please vote for him here: mama.mwave.me/en/vote Wifi and data count as 2 separate IP addresses, and you can vote with 10 accounts per IP address every day. It's easy to make google accounts and twitter accounts to vote with. Again, THANK YOU for your support!

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  • Hay que subir más,hay que llegar a 40 como IDEA

    Gaby JeLeeGaby JeLee4 시간 전
    • apoyo eso, sigamos mega.str3@m con ambas

      MGJ BlingMGJ Bling4 시간 전
  • Taemin's songs are special but this one is settled in my mind. It deserves much more.

    Renny MarianceRenny Mariance4 시간 전
  • a mi tía le gusta esta canción, a mi también, quiero bailar como el.

  • Taemin is too early for his time, there is nothing like him. He is a true gem, the world will recognize him soon

    Nana NaNana Na5 시간 전
  • This gets better everytime you watch it.

    Ginovic ThabapeloGinovic Thabapelo5 시간 전
  • Vota por Taemin en lo MAMA, podemos lograrlo.

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  • I really need an official instrumental to be honest

    Taemin Noona Jjakgong♤♡Taemin Noona Jjakgong♤♡6 시간 전
  • Thisss song and taemin deserves an award at MAMA

    TLTL6 시간 전
  • Come on guys! Let's get Taemin to win the best solo dance performance in MAMA! Criminal is the best and so it should win the award

    Ime OrtizIme Ortiz6 시간 전
  • i have no idea to describing taemin

    iheart taeminiheart taemin6 시간 전
  • SM!!! WE!!! NEED!!! SHINEE!!! COMEBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nizchelle Mitsh BagayNizchelle Mitsh Bagay7 시간 전
  • Shaowols go vote for Taemin in MAMA mama.mwave.me/en/vote Taemin has been working so hard in 2020, please let him win!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Don't forget your job, Shawols! Str3@m V0t1ng Str3@m V0t1ng Str3@m V0t1ng!

    Sam SamSam Sam7 시간 전
  • Taemin is so gorgeous

    RayR. TMRayR. TM7 시간 전
  • Este hombre es otro nivel, otro mundo, woow es fascinante.

    Mini mtzMini mtz7 시간 전
  • 우리모두 잊지말고 마마 튭 ㄱㄱ ㄱ ㄱ ㄱ ㄱ ㄱ

    J JJ J7 시간 전
  • I love how Taemin is describing himself

    Lexi DeVaLexi DeVa7 시간 전
  • Don’t forget to vot3 for taemin on mama

    Manar 마나르Manar 마나르8 시간 전
  • i think criminal is the only mv and song in the world that we could put in the museum people will buy it as a live art

    Khadija KhalafKhadija Khalaf8 시간 전
  • 3:02 더 망쳐줘. 드르륵 탁...더 망쳐줘. 드르륵 탁...더 망쳐줘. 드르륵 탁...더 망쳐줘. 드르륵 탁...더 망쳐줘. 드르륵 탁...

    김고양이김고양이8 시간 전
  • it's so hard to describe criminal with words

    Khadija KhalafKhadija Khalaf8 시간 전
  • Criminal is the song

    Gogo TaemGogo Taem8 시간 전
  • vote TAEMİN on mama

    NCT 127NCT 1278 시간 전
  • Act1 y Act2 nos dejaron totalmente anodadados (๑♡⌓♡๑) Taemin no deja de sorprender

    Maca renaMaca rena8 시간 전
  • Un artista tan completo como lo es Lee Taemin merece todo el reconocimiento y cariño del mundo, se ha convertido en una gran estrella mundial que inspira a nuevos artistas.

    Luz Esther Sangay De Los SantosLuz Esther Sangay De Los Santos8 시간 전
  • Go go go

    Roberto SaenzRoberto Saenz8 시간 전
  • Actually this is my favorite song Thank you taemin for this song

    Shawol frvShawol frv9 시간 전
  • 86 k to I million lik3

    Zhe ZheZhe Zhe9 시간 전
  • Everyday is Taemin's Day

    Tan BlueTan Blue9 시간 전
  • 17,341,644

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  • Taemin is on another level here.

    Sharm CantSharm Cant10 시간 전
  • yeah today is taemin’s day

    sarah jungsarah jung10 시간 전
  • I love Taemin

    The MattThe Matt10 시간 전
  • Hola a todas IMPORTANTE Están llenando de spam nuevamente en los comentarios del mv IDEA vayan a reportar la cuenta porfavor

    magmm Shawolmagmm Shawol11 시간 전
    • Importante es reportar las cuentas y no los comentarios para no c0ngelar las v1stas

      Maca renaMaca rena8 시간 전

    Israel ArevaloIsrael Arevalo11 시간 전
  • *Na na na na na na na TAEMIN*

  • Porfavor Str3@m dediquen todo un día de su vida a esto al menos 1 día veamos que podemos cambiar porfavor hagamos más, podemos masz hay que intentarlo todo.

    Luna MartzLuna Martz11 시간 전
  • فخر الدانسر

    stan Taeminstan Taemin11 시간 전
  • ملك.الكيبوب

    stan Taeminstan Taemin11 시간 전
  • Is everyone voting on MAMA using at least 15 accounts? If not then what are you doing here - GO VOTE!!! Please, we need this last push, everyone do your very best!!!

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  • like

    Karen CarciaKaren Carcia12 시간 전
  • Normalmente escribo en inglés y no tan bien pero amo tu música, Taemin. ¡Gracias por tanto! Seguiré compartiendo tu música hasta el fin de los tiempos (dramática al 1000). VOTEMOS EN MAMA!!

    Tan BlueTan Blue12 시간 전
  • HEY! lease vote criminal for best dance solo, Taemin deserves that award < 3

  • ١٦ الف منذ ساعة سادسة مساءً

    Zhe ZheZhe Zhe12 시간 전
  • Can't stop falling for our KING every single day

    Hana TynHana Tyn12 시간 전
  • I could to watch this MV on27" monitor soon. Can't wait to see the smallest details of this masterpiece! even more so Taemin would like that! I wish Taemin being happy and healthy! always!

    Марина БатоваМарина Батова12 시간 전
  • Taemin forever

    탬니탬니13 시간 전
  • Best Taemin song. Free

    Jorge RosalesJorge Rosales13 시간 전
  • 이 태민 ♡♡♡♡♡

  • 20M vi3w go go go

    다시별이되자다시별이되자13 시간 전
  • str3@m Criminal for MAMA

    다시별이되자다시별이되자13 시간 전
  • Criminal no se supera, se disfruta

    Yesicav342Yesicav34213 시간 전
    • Amé tu comentario!! Totalmenteeeee

      Tan BlueTan Blue12 시간 전
  • (●♡∀♡)

    حيدر عباسحيدر عباس14 시간 전
  • (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*

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  • ♡♡♡♡♡

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  • criminal the best

    wedwed14 시간 전
  • criminal will win

    wedwed14 시간 전
  • Be advised to all new watchers. Taemin is about to destroy you. All the regular watchers keep coming back to be destroyed and they love it.

    bethbeth14 시간 전
  • Guys please str3am we are almost there let's not give up till the last minute :)

    Hana TynHana Tyn15 시간 전
  • Amooooooooooo

    Sandra PedrazaSandra Pedraza15 시간 전
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    서현서현15 시간 전
  • Taemin oppa ure amazing n ure the best :)

    Hana TynHana Tyn16 시간 전
  • This song... slaps really hard. Sound is very unique and detailed. The lyrics perfectly gives justice to the concept. Taemin is indeed a genius - dance, vocal, visual, storytelling... superb. Never Gonna Dance Again Act 1 and 2 are ALBUM OF THE YEAR material, if people will just stick to the "QUALITY" as standard, not popularity. NO WONDER TAEMIN IS KNOWN AS THE "LEGENDARY SOLO MALE ARTIST". THE ACE OF KPOP, INDEED.

    Kimy Kia AtanacioKimy Kia Atanacio16 시간 전
    • indeed

      Khadija KhalafKhadija Khalaf8 시간 전
  • Amazing song I always hear this song in ears

    RayR. TMRayR. TM16 시간 전
  • Taemin, you are a living legend!!

    Relaxing asmr1014Relaxing asmr101416 시간 전
  • Everyone v0te for taemin on MAMA!!!

    Relaxing asmr1014Relaxing asmr101416 시간 전
  • Only 17m views??? Wtf. This deserves billions.

    Χρύσα ΑφΧρύσα Αφ16 시간 전
    • SM promoting system or high level art that not all people could recognize it this masterpiece will be in the history for so long

      Khadija KhalafKhadija Khalaf7 시간 전
    • @Hyunah Lee haha or we rewind a lot. Is it ok xD

      Χρύσα ΑφΧρύσα Αφ15 시간 전
    • Because so many people pause when he says destroy me more!

      Hyunah LeeHyunah Lee15 시간 전
  • Still can't get over from this song, it's just soooo addictive!!!

    Nabilah LeoNabilah Leo16 시간 전
  • Yes..all about criminal was amazing..

    Daud Hadif IsmarizalDaud Hadif Ismarizal16 시간 전
  • This was a perfect group...support them

    Daud Hadif IsmarizalDaud Hadif Ismarizal16 시간 전
  • Taemin, if you're reading this, I just want to say that this song is out of this world! You're indeed King Taemin! ㅠㅠ

    CelineCeline16 시간 전
  • I really want to see him dancing at the concert again!

    Ena TaeEna Tae17 시간 전