WayV 威神V 'Turn Back Time (超时空 回)' MV Teaser

2020. 06. 07.
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WayV's 1st album "Awaken The World" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/WayV_AwakenTheWorld
01 Turn Back Time
02 Bad Alive
03 Unbreakable
04 After Midnight
05 Interlude: Awaken The World
06 Only Human
07 Domino
08 Up From Here
09 Electric Hearts
10 Stand By Me
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WayV 威神V 'Turn Back Time (超时空 回)' MV Teaser ℗ SM Entertainment, LABEL V

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  • back time

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  • I love it so much

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  • Ten ❤️

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  • back in the day where we are all being a clown

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  • Hey fellow WayZenNi ✨🌈 We are a girlgroup and we made a vocal cover of WayV's "Love Talk" on our youtube channel ❤️ ✨ The link is here, if you want to take a listen 💖 Thank you for your time 🌈✨❤️🤗 koworld.info/club/fMh_e7Db2ZnMloA/bidio.html

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  • just dropping by here because i think the bad alive teaser is going to drop today ;0;

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  • BOP

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  • Hi guys! I'm really interested in reading a book like these turn back time teasers... Can u suggest me a fictional book like that?

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  • I am in love in this cinematography. I just noticed that the color grading is similar to RV's Psycho.

    john's banana choked me. helpjohn's banana choked me. help4 개월 전
  • I am in love in this cinematography. I just noticed that the color grading is similar to RV's Psycho.

    john's banana choked me. helpjohn's banana choked me. help4 개월 전
  • Çok güzel bağımlılık yapıyor

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  • He's holding a vcard 😂

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  • stop rewind turn back time

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  • Sooooooo I just found two groups run by SM exo and wayV

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  • Didn’t the MV already came out

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  • Huaa winwin T_T pengen ketemuuuu hiks

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  • Winwin Hendery Xiaojun Yangyang Lucas Ten Kun I love you^^

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  • Teasernya tembus 2jt bisa nggak?:")

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  • Lucas👏👏👏👏👏

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  • I’m actually in love with Ten

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  • SM!!!! WHY THE F THIS NOT HAPPEN WITH NCT127, IS IT BECAUSE THEY ARE YOUR FAVORITES? WAY V never disappoint, SM disappoint fans and their idols. Treat them equal, IS IT SO DIFFICULT? ECHALE GANAS SM, COÑO! 😫😤😤😤😤

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  • This MV is awesome🎖🎶👌🎉🏆🎐

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  • I just wanna see Lucas head move

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  • SM= .......

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  • Turn Back Time - WayV

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  • I Love is way V

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  • 1,373,488

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  • *When you realize the first verse is just them listing the title tracks of songs they've sang before

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  • Who’s back at the teaser to put Lucas’s neck on repeat?

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  • koworld.info/club/rbRuftbakn7VjJ4/bidio.html Please look at link.Thank U🔥💖💜

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  • WinWin had lines yalll Im so proud.. also was that him with the crop top?????

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  • Ten wow

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  • 突然发现MV好多已经重复的镜头啊,真好奇改之前是什么

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  • One of the best Nct/WayV teaser!!!!!

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  • 5432 STOP *beep* REWIND *beep* TURN *beep* BACK TIME *beep*

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  • Lucas savage wayvvvv

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  • Im trying to imitate lucas but..... nvm

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  • My baby is Ten but Lucus.... OMGGG 🤤🤤🤤🤤🔥🔥

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  • 0:03 I’m sorry but Yukhei’s face is so funny. He looks like a camel. I think you need to pause to see it

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  • 😊🌻 All the years of the past, present and future. Passing of these taken as a whole. Indefinite period in the future. Portion or measure of time. Point of time stated in hours and minutes of day. type of rhythm

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  • Yuhuuuuuuuuu wayv comebackkkkkkkkkk!!!!!

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  • 0:16 how I look at sm because their company is horrible

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  • Find Wayv's turn back time piano tutorial at koworld.info/club/ncmkarXXqaivhKY/bidio.html

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  • Sikat boyyy

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  • Stop rewind turn back time

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  • You guys are so cool! you are very talented people. Wow, Xiaojun, I love your voice!

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  • T-They literally held a V card I-

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  • Hake tu cuello mi vida

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  • 10!

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  • Who says "stop! Gotta! Stop!"? I like his sound so much.

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    • Its yangyang

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  • Omooo lucasss

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  • حمااااااااس يا ناس

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  • Winnie the real of cute ㅠ.ㅠ

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  • That neck dance-

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  • Ten 😘 I love you Lucas 😍 I love you Kun 😻 I love You

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  • i- shookith-

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  • If this comeback aint that successful cause a certain fandom has beef with us cause of a little situation, Im burning SM for their careless mistake

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  • still waiting for someone to drop the loop of lucas doing the neck thing

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  • OMG el cabello de Kun es hermoso

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